Technical Program Management

Our Technical Program Managers work collaboratively with the Business Owners and Executives (sponsors), Product Owners (deciders), Business Analysts (definers), and Developers (do-ers).

We work SAFe.  More than anything, SAFe helps us to ensure we are building what you want.  We practice continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), and we utilize state of the art testing tools to ensure high quality technology solutions, with proper handoffs and acceptance testing.  

Custom Software Development

Our engineers work closely with you to determine the best custom software solution for your needs and budget. Our team is located throughout the United States, and we can build your solution or join your staff to deliver your end software product.  We have many clients who are delighted with our solutions, who would be happy to speak to you regarding their experience with us.  We also have reference architectures (iTrellis IP), as well as Azure Boards extensions where we can showcase our product development work.  

Systems Integration

We eliminate manual workarounds and improve the efficiency of your operations through systems integration of pre-built solutions, like ServiceNow, Salesforce, or other 3rd party Apps and APIs. We can work with your current technologies and vendor applications to determine the best approach for integration of your systems into a cohesive solution for better user experience. Our work is performed “in-house” with our integration experts, ensuring strict quality control and timely delivery.


There are many cloud-based architectures and infrastructures out there. Our approach to legacy solution cloud migrations range from quick kubernetes “containers” and hosting strategies to wholesale rewrites of software into more contemporary languages and development frameworks. Our reference projects utilize Cloud-hosted environments (e.g., Microsoft Azure, AWS) for quick and easy scalability.

Business Intelligence

Using PowerBI or Tableau to produce actionable information for business planning is something we have become very good at.  Beyond business intelligence metrics, reporting, and data warehousing – we use these same skills to ensure quality and effective performance management on our delivery teams.  We are expert in team collaboration tools like Azure Boards and Atlassian Jira, and our Business Analysts can uncover valuable team insights based on the movement of stories and tasks in our team backlogs.  This information can also be used to evaluate existing teams, and support reorganization and restructuring efforts toward increased productivity, i.e. actionable information.  We can also empirically confirm that highly productive teams typically have high team morale.   🙂 

User-Centered Design

Our designers translate best practices in digital product design to your business pursuits, product goals, user base, and roadmap. We employ user-centered design process, research, techniques, and deliverables to bring the best possible iteration of your product to market.

Management Consulting Services

We offer a wide variety of Technology Management Consulting options.  These services range from technology strategy and roadmapping to leadership development, technology mentoring and SAFe Training. We are also an approved Microsoft Approved Supplier And MCS Partner.