Our Practice Model



We seek to understand our clients’ Business Strategy and development capabilities, and provide a cost-effective mix of People, Processes, and Technology.



We are Program Managers, Business Systems Analysts, Developers, and DevOps Engineers who take responsibility for client programs or augment development teams. We build “FullStack” cloud solutions, greenfield or refactored. Our consultants apply continuous delivery best practices coupled with quality assurance and performance management techniques to ensure the results are what our clients expect.

Agile at scale

Our Process is largely based on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). We think SAFe is an effective method for planning, dependency management, communications, and change management. Our teams apply SAFe through a combination of Program Management Team Collaboration tool agreements, and best practices for software design, delivery, and sustainment.


Our technology solutions tend to be defined by Languages, Frameworks, Clouds, and Integrations. We provide expertise with both conventional and nascent technologies. The collective experience of our consultants affords our clients with a wide body of knowledge regarding tools and techniques, coupled with the delivery pragmatism that develops over multiple projects. Clients access our collective consciousness via messaging tools (like Slack), allowing us to rapidly provide a wide range of skills and know-how. Our recruiting process enables us to provide niche skills as required.