Portfolio++ Accessibility

Azure DevOps Server (2019/2020)

Azure Devops Server (2019/2020) users may require additional server configurations to allow our backend API to communicate with your DevOps instance.

If you receive an unauthenticated error when trying to sign up for the Portfolio++ Trial, please follow the guidelines below.   

Portfolio++ Pro Endpoints and Domains Guidelines

  • Send messages to fully qualified domains. IP address-based messaging may lead to a break in communications – sometimes we need to move to different IP addresses in our range to communicate with you.
  • Use only the hostnames listed below.
  • Only cache domains within the published time-to-live, to ensure that you respond to DNS changes in a timely manner.
  • Do not make any assumptions about “redirect” URLs presented by us, or the naming of cookies
  • Do not ‘pin’ SSL certificates

Portfolio++ Pro Hostnames

  • secure.ppp-pro.com
  • prod.ppp-pro.com

NOTE: Additional hostnames may be communicated to you for specific purposes.  If hostnames should change, you will be notified via email.  Hostnames should only be used for the use of Portfolio++.

Your Firewall and IP Addresses

  • To ensure stable and consistent communication with Portfolio++ Pro, you must not lock down your firewalls to a set number of individual IP addresses.
  • Do not use IP address-based firewall restrictions, or any other restriction, that will restrict traffic from Portfolio++ Pro to you
  • Do not impose IP address-based firewall or proxy restrictions from you to Portfolio++ Pro
  • Do not use a non-standard hostname. For example, a CNAME from your domain to secure.ppp-pro.com
  • We do not support static DNS or “hosts” files within the customer’s environment


Please contact iTrellis at info@iTrellis.com for support.