Build Roadmaps in Azure Boards across your Projects!

Major Features

  • Build Roadmaps that show Epics and Features in timelines across Project Areas!
  • Drill through Roadmaps to Backlogs via ‘Epic Status’ for quality assurance
  • Generate Epic dates on Timeline (Actuals), or set them manually (Planning)
  • Show Roadmap views across Projects and Feature Timelines within Projects
  • Improve backlog quality through context sensitive error messages
  • Make more informed strategic plans and decisions!

Drill through an Epic to see its details in Feature Timeline…

Configuration Details

  • Requirements
    • Project Organization Administrator is required to install Portfolio++
    • Portfolio++ requires Azure DevOps Services
    • Users need Analytics permissions; please refer to this document.
    • Azure DevOps Organization settings for Boards/Process should be Agile
  • Constraints
    • Roadmaps cannot cross Project Organizations
    • Roadmap permissions are managed through Azure DevOps Organization Settings, Roles, Teams affiliations and Project Area access, i.e. if you have access to all the Project Areas in a Roadmap, then you can access it.
    • In the Settings dialog, selecting ‘Manual’ requires that each Epic and Feature’s Start Date and Target Dates be defined.
  • Assumptions (Roadmaps work better when…)
    • All work items are “parented” up to an Epic
    • All User Stories have Points
    • All Tasks have Hours

How to use Epic Status

For quality assurance…

Support for Capacity Planning

  • Roadmaps are time based, while Feature timelines are iteration based. Both show a similar GANTT chart view. Both have roll-ups showing work completion.
  • You can drill through a Roadmap’s Epic, to show it in the context of its Project Area Feature Timeline, i.e. along with the other Epics and Features currently being worked on in its Project Area.
  • Using Roadmaps this way helps with Sprint Planning and Program Increment (or Initiative, Capability) discussions.

Contact iTrellis!

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  • Please reach out to us via the project page / support.