WolfTracs is a web-based retail portal, enrollment tool, and employee benefits administration system designed to simplify processes and provide a single hub for benefit selection, enrollment, payment, and management.


The client was presented with an opportunity to integrate their solution with key service providers in their industry in order to revamp labor-intensive workflows and enable automated data exchange between parties, thereby improving security, reducing costs, and enhancing the overall experience for their customers. In order to achieve this, WolfTracs realized they needed to modernize both their legacy software and their internal business processes.


Based on our experience with Custom Software Development, Systems Integration, and Change Management, iTrellis led a joint development effort with the client. The engagement spanned these phases: Pilot (1 month), Build (6 months), Production Launch (1 month), and Operations and Ongoing Development (3 months). The iTrellis roles which played a crucial part in this overall project included: CIO, Business Analyst, Solution Architect, Lead Developer, and 2-4 Developers.


iTrellis successfully designed, developed, and launched a new software solution while transforming the client organization into an Agile team taking advantage of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) to rapidly deliver new features and value to end users. The client was very satisfied with the work product and the overall software development process and methodology improvements.