Company background: Crestron Electronics has been providing innovative technology solutions for diverse markets for close to the past 50 years. They create transformative automation offerings thereby making their customers’ lives more efficient and productive. Staying abreast of cutting-edge technology, Crestron provides solutions that answer the needs of its global client base. Its product line spans from customized luxury smart home automation to scalable out-of-the-box collaborative tools. And Crestron prides itself on its award-winning technology, solutions, and outstanding customer service.

Problem statement: To ensure a continued high level of satisfaction amongst its customers, partners, and employees, Crestron opted to revamp its website and IT infrastructure via a geo-replication overhaul. The company realized its website and network integrations could benefit from a retooling and its overall software development methodology could become more finely-tuned.

Action plan: Through our engagement, iTrellis began with an assessment phase to clearly identify the issues and needed enhancements. As part of that exercise, iTrellis collaborated with Crestron to produce a software architectural plan along with a hardware network diagram. We demonstrated a more modern software development methodology by focusing on people, process, and technology. iTrellis created greater visibility by building out a product backlog and utilized Scrum practices as part of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) approach.

Resultant solution: Through iTrellis’ engagement in partnership with Atmosera, Crestron was able to add new features to its website which now had robust geo-replication with optimized global performance. Tightly-knit integration amongst the various components of its network infrastructure (Azure Content Delivery Network and Blob Storage along with Elasticsearch) was achieved, thereby further optimizing the overall network performance. iTrellis helped to design, plan, and launch new features delivered to the business and its employees, partners, and customers. A succession plan was implemented to ensure a smooth transition back to Crestron’s IT staff and developers upon the completion of the engagement.