Press Release

iTrellis is Honored in Built In Seattle’s Prestigious Best Places to Work List in 2020

Built In Seattle’s list of Best Places to Work in 2020. Built In’s Best Places to Work list rates companies algorithmically based on compensation data and employer benefits. Rank is determined by combining a company’s score in each of these categories.

“We’re excited to be included in the list of best places to work in 2020! Our business is very competitive, especially when it comes to technology talent, and we really appreciate this recognition of our positive company culture and competitive benefits.” said CEO Chris Johnson.

Maria Christopoulos Katris, CEO and Co-Founder of Built In, said: “We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our 2020 honorees. Built In aims to change lives by connecting talented tech professionals with jobs they were born to do. These companies have become part of that mission because they stand for more than just the work they’re doing. They stand for their people and purpose.”

She added: “We also extend our gratitude. These companies exemplify what it means to be an employer of choice for today’s purpose-driven tech workforce. Writing about them inspires us daily and, in terms of our offering, gives us total confidence that the professionals who visit our websites will find work that gives them a strong sense of professional and personal meaning.”


iTrellis is a Custom Software and Systems Integration consultancy located in Seattle, WA. We support projects locally and nationally, from startups to the Fortune 100. Our Consultants take responsibility for Software Programs, Projects, and supplement other development teams. We build ‘Full Stack’ solutions, introduce point-specific technologies, and do so in a way that provides performance management metrics and visibility for individual teams to large scale and complex multi-team efforts. We adhere to Agile Principles across our development teams and have found the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to serve as an effective guide for planning, dependency management, and change management for our Clients. We work to understand our Client’s business strategy and existing capabilities, so that we provide a cost-effective mix of People, Processes, and Technologies for solutions and change management programs. We make your vision a reality through People, Process, and Technology!


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