Response to COVID-19 From the Perspective of the iTrellis Team

To say that COVID-19 has altered the way we live and work is an understatement. While only a minor setback for some, others are suffering long-lasting impacts. Businesses are showing a similar response to COVID-19. Software development, networking and e-commerce solution companies are thriving. In contrast, manufacturing and retail businesses are not faring as well. Broken supply chains and unpredictable consumer buying trends have been problematic for traditional businesses. But the ultimate fight for a business’s survival comes down to how it reacts to a catastrophic event. Why do some businesses go bankrupt with the rise of a new competitor or innovation? And how are others able to respond and overcome any industry impact? History has seen the downfall of many companies when faced with challenges. Too few have been resilient enough to weather great setbacks. For the few companies that have persevered, what is their secret?

At iTrellis, we help organizations adapt and respond to unexpected situations. With an Agile framework in place, our clients are capable of responding to market changes. These companies achieve success through business agility and leadership trumpeting a lean-Agile mindset. 

Internally, we also embrace the Agile mindset. By incorporating the principles into our daily work, iTrellis is minimizing the impact. Our response to COVID-19 has allowed our team to adapt to the current conditions and focus on future needs.

Initial COVID-19 Response

When the pandemic started to get serious in Seattle, we made our employee’s health the priority. Our company worked with our clients to allow everyone to work from home if they felt safer that way.  Once the Stay Home, Stay Safe ordinance went into effect and organizations started to respond to COVID-19, our entire office was already working remotely. We have a very flexible schedule for all of our employees to begin with, and as a company with a cloud-based infrastructure this was easy to implement right away.

Each day, we followed the announcements from the White House. We also listened to the advice from governors of states where our employees work. Soon the Small Business Administration Payroll Protection Program became available. iTrellis applied to keep our employees employed through the second quarter of 2020.

Work Slowed but Never Stopped

Work with our retail and manufacturing clients began slowing in March. Pivoting to focus on internal projects, our custom software development services also grew. We relaunched our marketing strategy giving everyone new growth-oriented projects. This decision benefitted both our business strategy and our employees. Now our team is learning to market its skills. In turn, employees better understand how business development leads to client engagements.

Being an Agile business is key for us to pivot easily. We adapt when unexpected events occur and reprioritize our employee’s projects. This resiliency allowed us to bounce back from a crisis. Many in our team have responded to COVID-19 by supporting prospective clients. Employees are volunteering to help businesses managing the disruption caused by the pandemic.

Moving Forward

In keeping with Governor Jay Inslee’s four-phase plan, iTrellis will work remotely through May. From there, we will monitor the state of the COVID-19 response. If employees feel safe, they can return to the office. We will provide all employees with PPE and stock sanitation equipment in the office.

The ways of working have changed for all of us. Remote work is now familiar. Coworkers keep in touch via Slack and Zoom. We hope the camaraderie built during COVID-19 will be a lasting part of our company culture.

Lasting Impacts of the Response to COVID-19

Despite losing some business, we are grateful. Our team has pivoted, collaborated, and created growth opportunities. We have no doubt our response to COVID-19 will result in future business development. Our increased marketing efforts reaffirm that belief. iTrellis will work through these challenging times. We look forward to new opportunities for our team, in the “new normal”!

Ashlee is the HR and Recruiting Manager at iTrellis. She handles all of our HR needs, recruiting initiatives, and our social events. She loves to bake a lot in her spare time and occasionally bring in treats for the office!

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