Project Overview:

Initially, iTrellis was engaged to provide a Technology Team Assessment. iTrellis was then requested to construct an Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Once built, iTrellis was asked to integrate the new system and refactor their legacy applications to create an entirely new Process Architecture for their Agent workforce. This resulted in the creation of a SAAS Agent Workforce Solution for highly mobile sales agents in the agricultural insurance industry.

Engagement Phases:
  1. Assess (2 months)
  2. MVP (4 months)
  3. Build (12 months)
  4. Transition (6 months)
Client Summary:

The Silveus Insurance Group‘s mission is to enrich the lives of American farmers by helping them manage risk. SIG develops private insurance products, delivering the highest level of customer service through process automation and “backend” carrier systems integration. Currently, SIG products cover over 4 million square miles of American Farms.

iTrellis Roles:
  • Management Consultant
  • Business Systems Analysts CTH
  • Two Lead Developers
  • Six Developers